About Me

I’m a dedicated app developer and musician, based in Australia.

Working as a guitar teacher for over 16 years as well as developing mobile applications since 2010, has given me a lot of insight into the two fields and has helped me develop a knack for creating user-friendly, exciting new apps for musicians and music lovers like myself.

In order to excel in my two interests, I have pursued, and achieved, a Master’s degree in Music, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. My work benefits from my personal experiences in the two fields, also from my professional, expert knowledge acquired from my qualifications.

My musical expertise meets with my computer/technical know-how in order to create the best music educational apps. Being a musician helps a lot in the creative process – knowledge that definitely comes in handy in creating both functional and aesthetically pleasing apps.

Apart from developing apps and guitar teaching, I enjoy Taekwondo (it has been an interesting way for me to connect to my Korean heritage), playing with my Rubik’s cube, watching movies and spending time with my dog. I do however, spend a lot of my time studying programming languages and working hard to create the most user-friendly and useful apps possible!

La Espiral Eterna by Leo Brouwer  Eun Jae Lee, guitar

The Prince’s Toys by Nikita Koshkin Eun Jae Lee, guitar

Etude No.9 by H.Villa-Lobos Eun Jae Lee, guitar

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